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Frequently asked questions

What is Abadini? 

  • We are an indigenous company based in Nigeria, focused on the farming, packaging and sale of rice and maize. We have also made our mark in the Nigerian financial sector by creating an investment platform. Using our process, partners can invest in agriculture from the comfort of their home and earn money quickly. 

Where are Abadini Farms located? 

  • Abadini farms are located in Abuja and Benue State, Nigeria. 

How does Abadini investment work? 

  • Creating an account with Abadini Farms gives investors the opportunity to have full access to their investments, get updates and reap rewards on their investments. 
  • To become an investor in Abadini farms, you MUST create an account. After creating an account, select the farm you want to invest into then you can proceed to make your payment as we would keep you updated about your investment while you relax and watch your money grow. 

What is the minimum and maximum amount to invest in Abadini farms? 

  • The minimum amount a subscriber can invest in Abadini farm is 50,000 while the maximum amount to invest is 10,000,000. 

What is the duration of a farming cycle? 

  • Abadini Farm tenure lasts between 6-9 months which is determined by the farm you invest in. 

How do I get my percentage? 

  • We would keep you informed about your investments and countdown to your pay-out. Upon the duration of the investment period you subscribe to, you will be credited with your full interest + capital invested. 

What crops and livestock does Abadini farm?  

  • Abadini Farms are dedicated to cultivating quality rice and maize seedlings as well as rearing poultry birds and pigs in Abadini ranches. 

Are Abadini farms insured? 

  • Yes. Abadini farms are insured under NAIC and Lead way Insurance companies. 

Our product 

What is Abadini Rice? 

  • Abadini rice is a made in Nigeria rice, grown in the heart of Benue state, Processed with high standards in a quality-controlled environment. Abadini grains are clean, sweet, free of stones and also affordable.  

How can I become an Abadini rice distributor? 

  • You can become an Abadini rice distributor with as low as 50,000. To get started, select your preferred distributor package and make your payments here (there should be a link that takes them to where they can directly make payments). 

How can I place an order for Abadini Rice? 

  • To place an order for our product(s) is as simple as ABC. 
  1. A= Place an order for your product. Spread the order between 50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 5kg, and 1kg. 
  2. B= Make your payments here (there should be a link that takes them to where they can directly make payments) 
  3. C= Upon confirmation of payment, the value of products ordered will be delivered to your location.  

Customers can also call/ DM 09065147795 to place an order 

What size(s) does Abadini rice come in? 

  • Our mission is to make Nigeria’s most cherished staple food available for all at affordable prices.  
  • In order for the viability of this goal to be achieved, we have made Abadini rice available in Five (5) different sizes; 50KG, 25KG, 10KG, 5KG and 1KG; for everyone to purchase. 

What size of Grains does Abadini Rice have? 

  • Abadini farms are dedicated to producing and processing high-quality grains. Abadini rice comes in both Long and short grains