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Abadini Investment Plans

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Rice Farm Investment


An opportunity to support 100 farmers to farm 1000 hectares of rice. 100 units available at 250,000 per unit.


Abadini Equity Investment


Abadini Equity Investment window for prospective shareholders. Minimum amount of investment is 5million Naira with 25%ROI in 8 Months.


Abadini Pig Investment


Abadini Pig Farm is selling at N50,000 per Unit; with 25% Returns On Investment in 9 Months. No rollover options!


Why Abadini?

Healthy returns:

At competitive interest rates, you can invest and get your money back (including interest) within the shortest possible time. You can also choose to revolve your capital and interest for another cycle

Payback period:

Within 6-8 months, depending on the farm type, you can grow your investments from seeds to trees.


With as low as ₦50,000 you can be an investor and watch your money work while you sleep.


Investments are risky by nature, but we’ve gone an extra mile to ensure your investments are 100% insured and backed up by reputable and experienced insurance providers.